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Contact Us


    (850) 937-2220, ext 222


    (850) 937-2220, ext 225


    (850) 937-2238


    (850) 937-2237


    (850) 937-2220, ext 244


    (850) 937-2224

Library Media Center:   

    (850) 937-2220, ext 238

Physical Education: 

    (850) 937-2226

Website Manager:


School Hours

The school day for students begins at 9:15 A.M. and ends at 4:00 P.M.

Please remember that students are NOT to be dropped off at school and left unattended.

Contact the school administration for current policy.

The following is the Bell Schedule for this school year:


First Bell


Home Room

9:20 – 9:30

Period 1

9:34 - 10:18

Period 2

10:22 - 11:06

Period 3

11:10 - 11:56

Lunch A

11:09 - 11:32

Lunch B

11:33 - 11:56

Period 4

12:00 - 12:46

Lunch C

11:59 - 12:22

Lunch D

12:23 - 12:46

Period 5

12:50 - 1:36

Lunch E

12:49 - 1:12

Lunch F

1:13 - 1:36

Period 6

1:40 - 2:24

Period 7

2:28 - 3:12

Period 8

3:16 - 4:00



Parent Communication Survey


We would deeply appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to click on the link below and complete the attached survey:

Parent Communication Survey

Interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher?

If you are interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher for the Escambia County School District please open and read the file shown below:

Substitute Teaching

Welcome to Ransom Middle School ~ Home of the Tigers


1000 W. Kingsfield Road

Cantonment, FL  32533

Phone:  850-937-2220     FAX:  850-937-2232

Principal: Brent Brummet 

Assistant Principal: Sandy Ames

Assistant Principal: Larry Reid

RMS 2014-2015 Testing Schedule

Shown below is a schedule of the upcoming exams for Discovery Education (DE) and Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) at RMS:


2014-2015 Testing Schedule


Feb 2-4

FSA Field Writing Test (All Grades)

Feb 4-20

Discovery Ed 3 Testing Window (All Grades)

Mar 3

FSA Writing Test (All Grades)

Mar 10-12

Civics Term 3 Subject Area Exam (SAE3)

Apr 13-14

FSA Reading (8th Grade Only)

Apr 15-17

FSA Math (8th Grade Only)

Apr 20-21

FSA Reading (6th Grade Only)

Apr 22-24

FSA Math (6th Grade Only)

Apr 27-28

FSA Reading (7th Grade Only)

April 28

FCAT Science (8th Grade Only)

Apr 30 – May 1

FSA Math (7th Grade Only)

May 4-15

Discovery Ed 4 Testing (6th and 7th Science Only)

May 4-6

FSA Algebra

May 11-13

Civics End of Course Exam (EOC)


RMS Chess Club -- National Tournament

The following students competed in the National Junior High Chess Championships in Louisville, KY this past weekend.
Ryan Carty
Dillon Conti
Kaleb Hoskins
Tristan Taylor
Miles Gibson
Justin King
Tralon Gillis
Alex Moorhead
Lacie Scholz
Connor Thompson
(And two former students...Andrew Hoskins and Travis King)
These students not only played their hearts out, but received many compliments on their sportsmanship and manners in and around the competition venue.  They represented our school well.  They competed individually and as members of three teams based on United States Chess Federation (USCF) rankings. 
After the final scores were tallied, I am proud to share that Tristan Taylor placed 5th overall.  Miles Gibson placed 16th.  Our K-8 under 750 team placed 9th, and our K-8 under 1000 team placed 14th.  These are national rankings. 
Please take a minute to congratulate all of these students when you see them. 
And thanks to all of you who have contributed your time, efforts, gifts, and words of encouragement as we continue to move our chess club forward.
Terra Reading and John Lowe
Chess Club Sponsors
Ransom DVD Flyer.jpg

This year’s technology fundraiser will be a Ransom Highlights DVD.


Just like the Golf Tournament in previous years, all of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go straight back to the classrooms to help maintain & further enhance technology.


The DVD is a culmination of Tiger TV Media along with teacher submissions. The cost of the DVDs will be $10 and they will go on sale May 5th. We hope to start burning/distributing on May 15th. Instead of printing out 1400+ pages to hand to each student, it would be awesome if you guys would post the flyer (its in your mailbox) somewhere in your rooms and mention it to your students during homeroom. We plan to play a commercial “teaser” during the lunches soon to help advertise the DVD along with flyers posted around campus.

Escambia County School District Information Finder


CLICK HERE to locate your child’s bus stop and pick up/drop off times.


Please CLICK HERE to read information pertaining to the operation of the Escambia County School District buses

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Dear Parents,

The Escambia County School District  is committed to becoming a premier school district. To continue to move forward in this journey to excellence, the district is continuing to gather data from stakeholders to determine where we are as a district and to set realistic, measurable goals for continuous improvement.

The parent satisfaction survey allows parents to provide input on parent engagement for each school.  Please take about ten minutes to complete this short survey.


 Parent Satisfaction Survey

Student Arrival and Attendance Policies


Parents dropping off or picking up students must enter Ransom Middle School through the East Gate and exit through our center driveway (TRAFFIC IS ONE WAY).  The Drop-off and Pick-up area is in the front of the school across from the Teachers' Parking Lot.

The west gate is reserved for school buses only.


ALL absences must be called in each day that a student is absent (937-2220 ext. 225).

When the student returns to school, he/she MUST bring a note from either a parent or doctor. It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work that has been missed.

Any student who is tardy for school MUST be checked in by a parent. Absences related to illness or injury of the student that exceed five (5) consecutive days or a total of ten (10) days requires a doctor's note.


If your child requires special check-out instructions, please notify the main office in writing on "Orientation Day" or by the first week of school.

Any student who needs to check out during the school day must be checked out by a parent or designated adult (the individual's name and telephone number must be on file at RMS).

There will be no check-outs taken over the phone. There will also be no check-outs after 3:30 PM. We are required to see a photo I.D. before a student can be checked out.


The Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems Document (posted on the District web site at http://escambia.k12.fl.us under District Policies, Plans and Guidelines and Information) provides guidelines for appropriate technology usage and specific examples of prohibited technology usage. All students have permission to access the Internet for educational purposes; to be photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by the news media regarding school-sponsored activities; and to publish school authorized work on the School District of Escambia County web pages. A parent/guardian may deny his/her child any or all of these permissions by proactively requesting, completing, and returning a Denial of Permission Form to the student’s school. The Denial of Permission Form is available to a parent/guardian upon request at the student’s school. For additional information, refer to the acceptable use guidelines located on the District web site. The uses and behaviors listed below, as well as related behaviors not listed and prohibited uses specified in the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems Document, shall constitute misconduct resulting in appropriate disciplinary action:


1. accessing inappropriate materials including any section labeled adult or restricted to individuals eighteen (18) or older;

2. using the Internet for illegal, obscene, or non-educational purposes;

3. sending, displaying, downloading, or using obscene language or pictures;

4. violating copyright laws;

5. damaging computers, systems, or networks;

6. accessing unauthorized computers, systems, files, or networks;

7. intentionally wasting network or computing resources;

8. employing the network for commercial purposes;

9. downloading programs or content without teacher permission;

10. bullying, harassing, insulting, threatening, or attacking others;

11. using another person’s password or accessing another person’s documents; or

12. using the Internet for unmonitored chat or e-mail.


WARNING: The taking, disseminating, transferring, or sharing of obscene, pornographic, lewd, illegal images or photographs, whether by electronic data transfer or otherwise (commonly called texting, sexting, e-mailing, etc.) may constitute a CRIME under state and/or federal law. Any person taking, disseminating, transferring, or sharing obscene, pornographic, lewd, or otherwise illegal images or photographs will be reported to law enforcement and/or other appropriate state or federal agencies, which may result in arrest, criminal prosecution, and LIFETIME inclusion on sexual offender registries.


Students are permitted to possess personally-owned wireless and/or cellular communication devices such as cellular telephones (including personal digital assistants [PDAs] with wireless and/or cellular telephony/voice capabilities) and pagers while on school property or in attendance at school functions.


The use of such devices from the opening bell of the school day until the final dismissal bell is permitted, but the device must be placed on silent or vibrate during that time period. Use of the cell phone during instructional time is permitted only when the teacher allows such use. Failure to comply with the teacher’s instructions regarding the use of cell phones during instructional time may result in disciplinary action. Appropriate student use of telecommunications services is also addressed in the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems Document


Student Community Access. Students may use wireless and/or cellular communication devices while on a school bus at any time, but such devices must be placed on silent or vibrate for the duration of any bus transportation. Student use of a cell phone while being transported may be restricted by the bus operator to ensure the safe operation of the bus. Failure to comply with the bus operator’s instructions may result in disciplinary action. Other personally-owned, wireless and/or cellular equipped electronic devices subject to the restricted possession and usage described above, include but are not limited to, handheld computer/phone/player hybrids, sub-laptop computers, and laptop computers.


Any personally owned electronic device capable of audio and/or video recording or play back may also be subject to restricted student possession and use at the discretion of the principal. The Board, the District, the school, or any District employee shall not be liable for the loss, theft, or destruction of any confiscated item(s). Addendum III of the district Acceptable Use Policy details the guidelines required for the instructional usage of student-owned electronic devices on district premises and/or at districtsponsored events. Bring-your-own-device initiatives will be expanded at several schools during the school year. Student devices must use the district’s wireless Internet access so that all sites accessed are run through the district filter system. Personally-owned devices used by students for research purposes, personal productivity, computer-assisted instruction, multimedia production, or Internet content production are subject to the sanctions and responsibilities found in the Acceptable Use Policy, and parents are required to grant permission with a notarized signature for students to use their own devices.

Student Dress Code

Each student is given his or her own copy of the Escambia County School District Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

The following items are key areas of concern, but are not the only items addressed in the school district's dress code:

1. Shorts, skirts or dresses must be no more than two (2) inches above the knee. The opening or slits of skirts may be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

2. The waistband of shorts, slacks, skirts and similar garments shall not be worn below the waist or in such a manner as to expose undergarments.

3. Students may not wear midriffs, tank tops, halter-tops or shirts with spaghetti straps to school. No undergarments should be visible.

4. Footwear that is deemed hazardous or dangerous, such as bedroom slippers, or cleats shall not be worn.

RMS School Calendar

Today's Activities


Important Upcoming Events

Apr 13 - 14

FSA Reading Exams (8th Grade)

Apr 15 - 17

FSA Math Exams (8th Grade)

Apr 20 - 21

FSA Reading Exams (6th Grade)

May 29

Last Day of School -- Early Release

ESCD School Calendar

Homepage Locker Folders and Files

Please go to the Homepage Locker (below) and open the Administration File in order to view Mr. Brummet's welcoming message.

Please refer to the Notices and Files folder for important school-based information.

Homepage Locker

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Student Absence Verification Form

Please CLICK HERE to access the Student Absence Verification Form.

Free and Reduced Meals Application

Attention Parents and Guardians,

You may access the onlilne application for Free and Reduced Meals by going to the following website:


RMS Yearbook

Click on the Jostens icon to place an order for your 2014-2015 RMS Yearbook.


RMS Yearbook Order

Click on the link below in order to get an order form for this year Ransom Middle School yearbook.


RMS Yearbook Order Form


Yearbooks will be $50 until February 28. 

After that, the price will go up to $53 until the supply is sold out.

Local Weather


Sunshine Readers Book Talk

Please click on the link below to access the Sunshine Readers' Booktalk website:

Book Talk !