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Exceptional Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Exceptional Student Education is to provide programs and services that meet the unique cognitive, social and emotional needs of exceptional students preparing to succeed in society.

A student must be tested and qualify for ESE services. Exceptional education classes meet the special needs of students. The Individual Educational Plan (IEP) determines the method by which these needs are met.

Exceptional Education Instructors
Exceptional Education Instructors

RMS Exceptional Education Instructors

Exceptional Education Assistants
Exceptional Education Assistants
Contact Arlan Boehme  Arlan Boehme Academic Support
Contact Keri Campbell  Keri Campbell ESE Instructor
Contact Colleen Loving  Colleen Loving ESE Instructional Assistant
Contact Cynthia Phenix  Cynthia Phenix ESE Instructor
Contact Jennifer Smith  Jennifer Smith ESE Instructor
Contact Sarah Tarkus  Sarah Tarkus ESE Instructor