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Agricultural Science - Scott Ames 



Art - Emily Jefferis  and Charlotte Heath

The goal of Art at Ransom is to create an appreciation for Art that allows each student to see the artist within him/herself.

We learn to appreciate Art through study, practice and observation.

Study: Art History

6th Grade studies art from Early Man through Medieval Times.

7th Grade studies art from Early Renaissance through 1900.

8th Grade studies art from the 1900's to Present Day.

Practice: Skill/Technique

Students will learn how to use various media; graphite, oil pastels, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, chalk, etc.

Observation: Projects

We look at and discuss works of art by well-known artists that follow specific themes according to our intended project.

Computer Skills - Libby Sears

Course Description

In LearnKey’s IC3 GS5 training series students will learn what they will need to know to be prepared to sit for the Key Applications GS5 exams.  Students will learn how to use an operating system, and how to use word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet applications to edit documents, organize data, create charts, and design basic presentations.

Touch Keying

Students will learn the basics of touch typing/keying.  Students hands will be covered as they practice keying all letters, shift keys, enter, space bar, tab, and the caps lock key.


Students will be using Microsoft Office 2016 to create projects in…

                        Microsoft Word

                        Microsoft Excel

                        Microsoft PowerPoint


Multimedia Lab - Kristi Waldrop

Our Multimedia Lab is a new state of the art facility which opened this year with the addition of our new wing.

Students in this class are given the opportunity to further develop their computer-based skills and technical proficiency.

Among the many things that the students will be exposed to are television production and website design.

Additional facets of this course are currently being developed and will be introduced to the students in a timely manner.

Tiger TV is the daily news show produces by RMS students.  The daily show crew is composed of students, and students run the program production.  Roles include on-air anchors, teleprompter technicians, audio technicians, tricaster operators and reporters.


Manufactoring Technology- John Sullivan

Personal Development - Diane Stull

Contact Scott Ames  Scott Ames Agricultural Science Instructor
Contact Charlotte Heath  Charlotte Heath Art Instructor
Contact Libby Sears  Libby Sears Computer Skills Instructor
Contact Diane Stull  Diane Stull Personal Development Instructor
Contact John Sullivan  John Sullivan Manufacturing Technology Instructor
Contact Kristi Waldrop  Kristi Waldrop Multimedia Instructor