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Faculty & Staff

Teachers name is blue indicate an active webpage. 

Those names in black do not have an active webpage.

RMS Faculty
  Scott Ames Technical Education Instructor
  Melissa Blackmon Physical Fitness Instructor
  John Blackwelder Teacher
  Clarissa Brown Science Instructor
  Elizabeth Brown 7th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Terrence Brown World History Instructor
  Keri Campbell ESE Instructor
  Khalil Chance Teacher
  Adam Clark Teacher
  Katrina Conn 7th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Elizabeth Duke Reading Instructor
  Tonya Edgar Mathematics Insctructor
  Ramona Edmonson Teacher
  Jennifer Goins 6th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Kellie Greenfield U.S. History Instructor
  Amy Griffith 8th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Tammy Haralson-Mathis ESE Support Staff
  Ellen Holladay Science Instructor
  Angela Horne Teacher
  Jennell Ikner Reading Instructor
  Rhonda Jarju 6th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Lori Johnson Gifted English/Language Arts (6-8)
  Holly Kendrick 8th English/Language Arts Instructor
  Steven Kershaw Band Director
  Natalie Lackey U.S. History Instructor
  Lydia Leduc Teacher
  Catherine Mabry 8th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Deana Martin 7th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Cathy McConnell Orchestra Instructor
  Mikayla McGahee Social Studies Instructor
  Mark McGuigan Mathematics Instructor
  Perri McKinnon U.S. History Instructor
  Marguerite Moloney Teacher
  Chris Norris Science Instructor
  Nancy O'Neal Science Instructor
  Louis O'Rear Science Instructor
  Theodore Odem Teacher
  Cynthia Phenix Learning Strategies
  Terra Reading World History Instructor
  Faith Realica 6th Grade English/Language Arts Instructor
  Lee Rigdon Band Director
  Angie Rose Gifted Studies and Advanced Math Instructor
  Lisa Salter Personal Development Instructor
  Lauren Samoszenko Gifted Social Studies Instructor
  Libby Sears Computer Skills Instructor
  Annabel Shields Teacher
  Cindy Speed Teacher
  Adam Stumpf Teacher
  Treva Swift Teacher
  Sarah Tarkus ESE Instructor
  Kristi Waldrop Multimedia Instructor
  Brenda Walter Teacher
  William Whitfield ESE Support Staff
  Mark Yelverton Teacher
  Stephen Young Mathematics Instructor
RMS Staff
  Karen Akers Staff
  Donna Bengtson Staff
  Sarah Bonner Staff
  Katherine Carter (850) 937-2220 ex: 233 Guidance Counselor
  Kathryn Clark Staff
  Elizabeth Cooper Hearing Impaired Therapist
  Deanna Edmonson Staff
  Deborah Hamrac Guidance Secretary
  Ramena Howard Staff
  Nancy Kelson (850) 937-2220 ex: 249 ISS Monitor
  Debbie McLeod (850) 937-2220 ex: 241 Admin. Clerk II - ESE Department
  Crystal Roberts (850) 937-2220 ex: 237 Innovation Center Specialist
  Margie Smith Instructional Assistant
  Paul Stull Staff
  Brigett Valier Innovation Center Clerk
  Raven Valier Staff
  Stephanie Wingate Dean of Students