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IT Coordinator

The IT Coordinator is esponsible for training, modeling, and assisting teachers in integrating technology in the classroom to improve student achievement. Coordinates the management of instructional and non-instructional school computers and networks. Acquires and updates skills as necessary for effective network management. Installs, troubleshoots, and maintains hardware and software. Trains users in applications on the network. Coordinates activities of outside vendors, consultants and trainers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provides teachers with strategies of how technology can be used to achieve Escambia County Student Expectations.
  2. Establishes an environment encouraging creative and independent use of instructional technology.
  3. Coordinates and/or provides training to school staff in network and software use. Coordinates activities of outside vendors, consultants and trainers.
  4. Encourages student development of skills in the use of instructional technology resources.
  5. Models effective use of technology in the classroom and media center for teachers and students.
  6. Facilitates the use of existing and emerging technology by staff and students. 
  7. Coordinates the maintenance, operation and management of existing school computers and networks.
  8. Assists with the planning, design and installation of future network expansions as growth demands.
  9. Performs all functions and procedures necessary to install and maintain school network hardware and software.
  10. Configures/reimages local workstations as needed.
  11. Coordinates and oversees installation of routines necessary to network school computers to mainframe computers.
  12. Develops and maintains network procedures to ensure regular system backups on a timely basis.
  13. Trains and supports backup network operator.
  14. Facilitates staff participation in the evaluation and selections of new software, hardware, and materials to support instructional objectives.
  15. Maintains necessary documentation to include, but not to be limited to, network wiring, hardware and software.
  16. Maintains inventory of hardware and related peripherals.
  17. Organizes technology resources for easy accessibility by students and staff.
  18. Follows troubleshooting procedures for hardware and software. Maintains hardware and arranges for timely repair. Maintains repair history and file server performance statistics.
  19. Ensures software in the school is properly licensed and maintains related records.
  20. Establishes and/or maintains network security.
  21. Works cooperatively with the school staff, the school improvement team and the instructional technology office at the District level.
  22. Incorporates principles of district instructional technology plan into school technology planning. Further, ensures that technology is an integral part of the school improvement plan and supports the school's curriculum and instructional program.
  23. Makes technology budget recommendation to school administration.
  24. Coordinates use of technology with all school personnel.
  25. Interprets the school's instructional technology program for staff, parents and members of the community.
  26. Performs other duties as assigned by the school administration.
James Jackson
James Jackson
  James Jackson Instuctional Technology Coordinator

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