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Click on the link below to access the Google Form to join Ransom's Orchestra:

Ransom's Orchestra 2021-2022


Instructor - Mrs. Catherine McConnell

The Ransom Middle School Orchestras offer instruction in violin, viola, cello, and string bass during classes that meet daily during the school day.

Orchestra I provides the student with basic training in the proper care of string instruments, fundamentals of musicianship, and instrumental performance.

Orchestra II/ Orchestra III continue the development of instrumental musicianship. Leadership, responsibility, cooperation, self-discipline, and concentration are stressed. Technical skills advance to III-V positions and vibrato.

Incoming 6th graders do not need any previous musical experience to join! Students do need to rent or purchase their own instrument, and the orchestra program provides basses and cellos for classroom use.

The Ransom Orchestra members have discovered that playing a string instrument is a fun, exciting, and challenging musical journey! In addition to school concerts throughout the year, any advanced orchestra members also participate in the Escambia County Youth Orchestra (ECYO), a county-wide orchestra that is sponsored by the school district.

Orchestra Fair!

Orchestra solo and Ensemble Presentation

District 1 (Escambia County) held their first ever Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Event on Saturday. The event was held virtually.  I am proud to report that our Ransom Orchestra students did extremely well!  We had 19 performers, and 16 of them earned the top rating of Superior, and 3 the 2nd rating of Excellent.

Please congratulate these hard-working students!

Braydon Stringer-Double Bass

Timothy Pac -Double Bass

 James Hewett-Double Bass

Tristan Whitson-Double Bass

Cecelia Campbell-Cello

Lindsay Charles-Cello

Bre Shannon-Cello

Nate Meyer-Cello

Jayce Walker-Cello

Zanuela Otabil-Viola

Mariah Earnhardt-Viola

Scarlett Fowler-Viola

Garrett Groff-Violin

Alesia Haber-Violin

Waylon Hardy-Violin

Bailee Luciano-Violin

Chrissie Salamanca-Violin

Kaylyn Weiss-Violin

Christian Daigle-Violin


District 3 Music Performance Assessment

The Ransom Middle Advanced Orchestra and the Tate High Orchestras regularly participates in Music Performance Assessment (MPA).  

As part of the MPA process, the orchestras perform concert music for three judges and then play a piece at sight for a fourth judge.  


Congratulations to both of these orchestras for annually representing their schools and Escambia County so well. 

Ms. McConnell

Join Ransom's Orchestra

The Ransom Orchestra members have discovered that playing a string instrument is a fun, exciting, and challenging musical journey!  In addition to school concerts throughout the year, advanced orchestra members have the opportunity to participate in orchestra trips, and many get selected to participate in the Escambia County All-County Honors Orchestra.  The All-County showcases our district's best string players who prepare an exciting concert with a guest conductor and perform in the beautiful Saenger Theater.

Ransom Orchestra

Click on the following link to view a video about joining the Ransom Orchestra:

ECSD Orchestra Recruiting Video

Join Ransom Orchestra

  Cathy McConnell Orchestra Instructor

Orchestra Checklists

Please click on the appropriate checklist shown below to view initial class instructions:


Orchestra I

Orchestra II

Orchestra III