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Personal Development


Department Chair - Kristi Waldrop


Introduction to Agriculture / Exploration of Agriculture - Pamela Ridings


Computer Applications in Business 1 - Libby Sears

In Learn Key’s IC3 GS5 training series students will learn what they will need to know to be prepared to sit for the Key Applications GS5 exams.  Students will learn how to use an operating system, and how to use word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet applications to edit documents, organize data, create charts, and design basic presentations.

Touch Keying

Students will learn the basics of touch typing/keying.  Students hands will be covered as they practice keying all letters, shift keys, enter, space bar, tab, and the caps lock key.


Students will be using Microsoft Office 2016 to create projects in…

                        Microsoft Word

                        Microsoft Excel

                        Microsoft PowerPoint


Computer Applications in Business 2 - Raymond Hunt

Students in this class will sharpen their computer software and hardware skills and gain the ability to learn new ones as they come along. We will explore how computers, the internet, and cloud computing are used in today's world.  Students will have the opportunity to work toward ICT industry certifications exploring a variety of computer topics, technologies and software concepts.


Manufacturing Technology - Scott Ames

Introduction to Technology for six graders and Exploring Technology for seventh graders 

These are career and technical courses where students will be doing hands-on activities using tools and machines to build projects.

In addition to the instruction of the specific subject matter all students are provided  safety instruction designed for the course.


Fundamentals of Audio Visual & Print TE (Multimedia), Coding Fundamentals, Computer Fundamentals - Kristi Waldrop

Our Multimedia Lab is a new state of the art facility which opened this year with the addition of our new wing.

Students in this class are given the opportunity to further develop their computer-based skills and technical proficiency.

Among the many things that the students will be exposed to are television production and website design.

Additional facets of this course are currently being developed and will be introduced to the students in a timely manner.

Tiger TV is the daily news show produces by RMS students.  The daily show crew is composed of students, and students run the program production.  Roles include on-air anchors, teleprompter technicians, audio technicians, tricaster operators and reporters.


Health Occupations 

Health Occupations deals with the following issues:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (the Reproductive System is not covered)
  • Calculating Annual Salary
  • Characteristics of an Ideal Employee
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Customary and Metric Conversions
  • Dental Terms for Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Discussion/displays of Various Types of X-Rays
  • Educational Requirement
  • Hazards of Cigarettes and Tobacco
  • Health Care and Medical Specialists
  • How to Calculate the Number of Calories in Foods
  • How to Understand Graphical Representations of Data
  • Job Descriptions for Careers in Health Care
  • Ranges in Salaries
  • Use of Stethoscopes
  • Various Topics from the magazine "CHOICES," formally entitled "Current Health"


Orientations of Career and Technical Occupations and Career Planning - Madison Beck

In this course, students learn through lessons and research about various jobs and career paths that are within the 13 areas of careers. Along with learning about various careers, students are taught the importance of professionalism through proper dress attire and interview skills.


Personal Development and Career Planning - Lisa Salter

The purpose of this course is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the Human Services career cluster.  The content includes but is not limited to development of self-esteem, and self discipline by developing positive coping skills to deal with physical, emotional, intellectual and social changes in self and others.

Personal Development Instructors

Scott Ames - Manufacturing Technology

Madison Beck - Orientations of Career and Technical Occupations and Career Planning

Elizabeth Duke - Course Recovery

Raymond Hunt - Computer Applications in Business 2

Lydia Leduc - Spanish 1

Pamela Ridings - Introduction to Agriculture / Exploration of Agriculture

Lisa Salter - Personal Development and Career Planning

Libby Sears - Computer Applications in Business 1

Kristi Waldrop - Fundamentals of Audio Visual & Print TE (Multimedia), Coding Fundamentals, Computer Fundamentals