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School Secretaries

School Secretary - Deanna Edmonson

 Deanna Edmonson is the Administrative Secretary for Ransom Middle School.

She is the primary point of contact for issues dealing with the school's administration.

She can be reached at 937-2220, Extension 222.


Guidance - Mrs. Deborah Hamrac

Mrs.Hamrac is the secretary for the Guidance Department.

She coordinates all appointments with our Guidance Counselors and is the person you want to contact for enrolling your child at Ransom Middle School.

She can be reached at 937-2220, Extension 235.


School Attendance Clerk/Receptionist - Mrs. Karen Akers

Mrs. Akers, and her staff of student volunteers, operate the front office and reception area..

Mrs. Akers tracks student attendance and is the point of contact when students need to be checked out of school.

Mrs. Akers, and her office staff, will be the first group of people you will encounter as you enter the school's administrative area.

She can be reached at 937-2220, Extension 225.


School Secretary

Mrs. Hamrac

Mrs. Deborah Hamrac

School Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Akers

Mrs. Karen Akers

School Attendance Clerk

and Receptionist