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Social Studies


Department Chair - Ms. Kellie Greenfield


The task of the Social Studies Department is to assist our students in becoming more aware of their civic role in today's world.  In addition, our classes focus on preparing our students for the challenges that lay before them in higher levels or education.


Sixth Grade - U.S. History 

Students are introduced to U.S. History, beginning with the early exploration of the new world and concluding with the American Civil War and Period of Reconstruction.


Seventh Grade - American Civics

Students are taught the principles and fundamentals of American Civics.


Eighth Grade - World History

Students are introduced to various cultures and civilizations of the ancient world.  These areas are explored and provide the students with a better understanding of just how societies were formed and developed over significant periods of time.

Social Studies instructors

6th Grade - U.S. History

Kellie Greenfield

Natalie Lackey

Perri McKinnon


7th Grade - Civics

Denis Mac Issac

Jessica McKenzie


8th Grade - World History

Terrence Brown

Terra Reading

Annabel Shields


Gifted Studies

Lauren Samoszenko



  Terrence Brown World History Instructor
  Kellie Greenfield U.S. History Instructor
  Denis Mac Isaac Civics Instructor
  Jessica McKenzie Civics Instructor
  Perri McKinnon U.S. History Instructor
  Terra Reading World History Instructor
  Lauren Samoszenko Gifted Social Studies Instructor